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CBO Protocol FAQ

Frequently asked questions related to the CBO Protocol

What should I have for breakfast?

Dr. Cabral’s number one recommendation for his wellness clients and those on the Candida and Bacterial Optimizer (CBO) Protocol is to have a Daily Nutritional Support smoothie with half to one cup of fruit, 1 cup of leafy greens (like spinach), and 1

When should I take my supplements?

You should have received a two-page instruction guide on how to take your nutritional supplements. All of the herbal and enzyme-based formulas are taken on an empty stomach upon waking up and before bed. To get the most benefits from your probiotics,

What if I forget to take supplements at the specified time?

If you forget to take your supplements upon waking you may simply take them with breakfast. If you forget to take all of your a.m. supplements you do not need to double up at dinner/before bed.

How do I know it’s working?

Dr. Cabral specifically created this exclusive Candida & Bacterial Optimizer (CBO) Protocol to work from gentlest to strongest over the course of 12 weeks. This allows for most individuals to not experience die off symptoms and thus it is just workin

What do I do after I complete the whole protocol?

After you complete the 12 week protocol, Dr. Cabral recommends using the CBO Finisher. This consists of the Daily Probiotic Support and the Healthy Gut Support powder. The Healthy Gut Support is simple to use and you can just add one scoop to your mo

How long should I use the Gut Rebuilding Protocol?

Dr. Cabral recommends 60-90 days for the “healing and sealing” protocol (Healthy Gut Support & Daily Probiotic Support). This allows enough time for the glutamine and zinc to do their job by helping to "heal and seal" the gut wall. You may continue o

How do I know the Candida and/or Bacterial imbalance is gone?

If your symptoms have largely gone away and you no longer have gas, bloating, or digestive issues, you may assume you have limited the imbalance. However, if you would like to verify the results, you may run an Complete Candida, Metabolic & Vitamins

When should I retest the Complete Candida, Metabolic & Vitamins Test after completing the protocol?

After you completed the full 12 week protocol, we recommend waiting 4-6 weeks before running the Complete Candida, Metabolic & Vitamins Test to confirm you have eradicated the Candida and Bacterial imbalance.

Do I need to retest my candida/bacterial levels?

You do not need to run a Complete Candida, Metabolic & Vitamins Test to confirm your results if you choose not to. Not all of our wellness clients decide to spend the money on retesting if they are already feeling better and do not have any of the sy

Can I do the Para Support Protocol and the CBO protocol at the same time?

No, we recommend doing one at a time. Complete what you are on and then follow up with the other.

I think I’m having a die-off reaction, what should I do?

If you’re having any negative reactions to the nutritional supplements or protocol, simply stop for three days and then begin by using just one nutritional supplement at a time. You may start with any supplement for that month and just use one capsul

Is it okay to take other supplements during this protocol?

You can certainly continue any additional supplements you deem necessary. Please do continue on all medications you have been prescribed by your MD. We recommend avoiding other probiotics during the protocol as we have specifically selected certain

When should I switch supplement bottles?

Month 1: Biofilm Disruptor, Microbial Balance, Saccharomyces Boulardii Month 2: Florafilm, Gut Bacterial Support, L.Acidophilus Month 3: Healthy Belly, Candida Complex, Clean Gut Probiotic

What do I do after the CBO Protocol?

Once you finish the 12 weeks of the CBO Protocol, we do recommend 60-90 days of sealing the gut lining by using a product called Healthy Gut Support, as well as taking the Daily Probiotic Support. We also recommend starting your day with the Daily Nu

Can I drink coffee during the CBO protocol?

Yes you may have coffee if well tolerated, but we recommend limiting it to 1 cup of organic coffee per day (black or with nut milk), preferably before noon. Coffee can be irritating to the digestive system, as well as tax the liver, so you may want t

Is alcohol allowed during these 90 days?

We recommend eliminating alcohol during the protocol as it can be very irritating/inflammatory to the digestive tract and liver and hinder the healing process. After the first 21 days, you may choose to have alcohol as part of your cheat meal but we

Am I allowed to snack during the CBO Protocol?

For optimal digestion we recommend spacing your meals at least 3-4 hours apart in general. If you find that you need to incorporate a mid-afternoon snack you can use the same approved food list to choose any snacks that you’d like. Making a shake or

Can I have fermented products during the CBO Protocol?

Although fermented products are well-known for their health benefits due to the probiotics they contain, we do not include fermented products on the CBO food list. This is because in those with yeast, fungal, or bacterial imbalances they are fermente

Why are certain foods not listed on the approved food list?

The purpose of the food list is to provide the easiest to digest foods, to decrease inflammation and symptoms, as well as not feed pathogenic yeast and bacteria. Some “healthy” foods may not be listed because they are difficult to digest or because t

I thought garlic and onion killed bacteria, so why are they excluded?

Onions and garlic contain a nutrient called allicin. This product kills yeast, fungus, and bacteria. However, it is typically used in a nutritional supplement form, which is an extract and not the whole food. If someone with yeast or bacterial imbala

Are spices allowed on the CBO Protocol?

Yes, except onion and garlic (whole or powdered form)

Can I have nut milk?

Yes, you may add 8oz of nut milk to water in your smoothie (or with a coffee/tea), as long as you have not been told you have a food sensitivity or lectin based issue. It is best to first test the smoothie without nut milk before testing it.

Do I need to use the Daily Nutritional Support shake during the CBO?

You may use any vegan protein powder you’d like, but if you don't use an all-in-one like the Daily Nutritional Support shake, it is recommended that you use the Daily Activated Multi-Vitamin (2 caps with breakfast + 2 caps with dinner). If you are us

Do I need to use the Gut Rebuilding Protocol after finishing the CBO Protocol?

Although it is not mandatory to use, the 2 products contained in the CBO Finisher will help to heal and seal the gut wall. This is helpful after removing the yeast and bacteria, since often times intestinal permeability goes hand in hand with gut ove

I am interested in both the CBO protocol and the Dr. Cabral Detox, which is the best order to do these in?

We recommend doing the the Dr. Cabral Detox first as it will lower your inflammation levels and get you into a healthier style of eating which will be extremely helpful when moving on to the CBO protocol.

What if I experience an adverse reaction?

If you experience an adverse reaction that may be due to a supplement, it is important to stop all supplements immediately. Please seek urgent medical attention if you are having a severe or life threatening allergy to any substance. If you are havi

Where can I find CBO-approved recipes?

We invite you to join our Facebook Group! See the following link to join: Please type into the search bar “recipe” to find over 70 Detox and CBO approved meals! To make a recipe “CBO approved” – simply remove onions and

Can I eat the Whole Food Bars while doing the CBO Protocol?

You may try adding the Whole Food Bars back in after 4 weeks of the protocol.