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Ayubowan Membership Program

Questions related to the Ayubowan Membership and associated benefits

What are the Ayubowan Membership Program Terms & Conditions?

Any customer who maintains and takes delivery from a 4-week subscription totaling $79 per 28 day period in shipped EquiLife product(s), will be automatically enrolled in the Ayubowan Membership Program. Membership begins as soon as a qualifying subsc

What is the meaning of Ayubowan?

The word Ayubowan is a traditional Sri Lankan greeting that Dr. Cabral came to adopt from his time studying abroad. The most common translation is “May You Be Blessed with a Long Life”. As the inspiration for The Ayubowan Membership Program which add

Do I need to apply for an Ayubowan Membership?

You will be automatically enrolled in the Ayubowan Membership Program upon your purchase of $79 or more of EquiLife 4-week subscriptions. No need to apply.

Can I purchase a membership to Ayubowan?

Yes! If you prefer to purchase Membership, which is a $79 4-week subscription, you can do that!. Simply add this product to your cart to qualify for membership in lieu of purchasing $79 of 4-week subscriptions of product every 28 day period. Any cust

How do I know my official enrollment date into the membership and my member status?

To check your membership status and official enrollment date as an Ayubowan Member:

My Ayubowan membership status says I'm in Dunning, what does that mean?

If your Ayubowan Membership status is in Dunning, it means your next 28-day period spend is projected to be less than the minimum $79 of 4-week subscriptions. Action is required to adjust your subscriptions to maintain membership. Once there is $79 o

What are the benefits of Ayubowan?

With an Ayubowan Membership you will Receive over $4,000 in yearly EquiLife benefits with 4-week subscription of $79 or more!. - Free at-home lab test every 90 days. - Complementary health coaching consultation. - Live Q&A health coaching. - Expert M

I have a child under the age of 18, can they use the App?

Ayubowan is for adults 18+ only and provides information on protocols for adults 18+ of age.

What if I cancel a subscription or skip a month, will I lose my membership?

You can cancel or skip delivery of certain subscriptions in a month and still maintain your membership, so long as the combined value of other 4-week subscriptions you have delivered meet the minimum qualifying threshold  $79 in every 28 day period a

Will the selection of Free At-Home Labs include every lab on the EquiLife website?

The listing of Free Labs will be evolving and will include some new labs specifically created for Ayubowan members. Every 90-Days Select from 10 Free Lab Tests:Minerals & Metals Test (Shipped with your first qualifying Ayubowan order)Optimal Vitamin

How often will I receive a Free At-Home Lab?

A Free Minerals & Metals at-home lab test will be sent upon your initial qualification for Ayubowan. One lab per member, per Equi.Life account (New York Members receive the Dr. Cabral Detox). Every 91-days thereafter, members in good-standing who mai

How will I be notified which lab I get to choose next?

Upon your 90 day anniversary of your continued active membership in Ayubowan, you will receive an email providing you access to select your next free lab. Please be sure to select your lab and utilize the free lab coupon that you receive within the e

How long do I have to select my free lab after receiving my email notification?

Please be sure to select your lab and utilize the free lab coupon that you receive within the email within 45 days of receipt of the email. As for all labs, please complete your lab within 6 months of receipt from EquiLife.

How do I get free shipping with my 90-day free lab?

To redeem your free lab and qualify for free shipping, our standard shipping rates apply. Here is an FAQ covering our shipping rates for more details!.

How do I redeem my 90-Day Free Lab?

After maintaining membership for 90-consecutive days, you will receive an email from us titled "You've Received an Ayubowan Reward" which includes a code at the bottom to redeem the lab from our website. These codes expire after 45 days. To receive t

My 90-Day Free Lab code isn't working.

There are a few reasons your 90-Day Free Lab code may not be working:

Which subscriptions qualify for membership?

Subscriptions that qualify for membership are subscriptions that call for shipments every 4 weeks. Please remember, subscriptions must actually be shipped within each 28 day period and exceed the $79 threshold to maintain membership in Ayubowan. The

Why did my membership in Ayubowan lapse?

If your 28-day total of shipped 4-week subscriptions falls below $79, your free membership in Ayubowan and access to the Ayubowan App and all the benefits is put on hold. As soon as your shipped 4-week subscriptions meet or exceed $79, your membershi

What can I access without a full membership?

All EquiLife customers have access to Ayubowan to schedule and conduct their lab review calls with an EquiLife certified health coach. Non-members can also access the Learn section and the content within Plan -> Explore. To gain full access to the ov

If I am not an Ayubowan Member, how long do I have full App access after registering a lab?

As a lab registrant and non-Ayubowan Member, you will have full App access for 90 days after registering your lab. If you become an Ayubowan Member, you will have full access to the App as long as membership is maintained. Once the 90 days is reached

How do I delete my membership?

As an Ayubowan member, we certainly hope you enjoy the over $4000 of  features and benefits available through Ayubowan. However, if you would like to delete your membership please send an email to customer support at [email protected]