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Can I purchase a membership to Ayubowan?Updated a year ago

Yes! If you prefer to purchase Membership, which is a $79 4-week subscription, you can do that! 

Simply add this product to your cart to qualify for membership in lieu of purchasing $79 of 4-week subscriptions of product every 28 day period.

Terms & Conditions for Purchased Membership

Any customer who maintains a 4-week subscription totaling $79 per 28 day period will be automatically enrolled in the Ayubowan Membership Program. Membership begins as soon as a qualifying subscription is placed. A free Minerals & Metals at-home lab test is sent to each new member with their qualifying order and each member receives a free health coaching call to review their lab results. Only one qualifying HTMA lab per member, for the lifetime of their account. New York residents will receive a Free Dr. Cabral Detox in place of this new member lab, since New York State does not permit at-home lab testing at this time.

Every 91-days thereafter, members in good standing will receive a credit that allows them to choose another Free At-Home Lab Test and receive an additional lab results review with a health coach. If during any 28 day period a member spends less than $79 in 4-week subscriptions, their membership will lapse. Lapsed members are not eligible to receive free labs or other Ayubowan benefits.  If a lapsed member resumes receipt of 4-week subscriptions valued at $79 or more, their membership is reactivated and 91-days from membership reinstatement they will then receive their next credit for a Free Lab and coaching call.

Active membership must be sustained for an uninterrupted  91-day period to receive each credit towards a Free Lab + coaching call. If you’re a resident of New York, you will receive a Dr. Cabral Detox in lieu of a lab + call as NY law prohibits shipment of lab products to New York State.

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