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My 90-Day Free Lab code isn't working.Updated 2 years ago

There are a few reasons your 90-Day Free Lab code may not be working:

  1. The code has expired - these codes expire after 45 days, however for a limited time we will reissue a new code. Please write in to [email protected] for a new email and code.
  2. You've already used the code to purchase an Ayubowan Lab - These codes can only be used one time. You will get a new email and code for each 90-Day cycle you maintain membership and earn a new Free Lab.
  3. There's another discount code and/or promotional item applied to the cart - Only one discount code can be redeemed in a single cart. If another code has been applied already, including a free promotional item, you will need to first remove the other code or item. Once removed, add the 90-day free lab code you will be able to continue to checkout with the lab price discounted.
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