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How do I redeem my 90-Day Free Lab?Updated a year ago

After maintaining membership for 90-consecutive days, you will receive an email from us titled "You've Received an Ayubowan Reward" which includes a code at the bottom to redeem the lab from our website. These codes expire after 45 days.

To receive these emails, you must be subscribed to our marketing emails.

To subscribe, go to our website, scroll to the bottom, and you will see a box to enter your email address. The email must be the same one associated with your Ayubowan Membership. Once subscribed, email into [email protected] so we can check the status of any possible missed rewards during the time you were unsubscribed.

To redeem the lab, you will need to create a one-time order on our website, and enter the code at checkout. 

Note: Free labs cannot be added to existing subscription orders, be combined with other discount codes, or other labs in the same cart.

Note: Standard shipping charges apply (check out this FAQ for our shipping policy & rates)

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