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What is full spectrum infrared energy?

Full spectrum infrared energy is that part of the solar (sun) electromagnetic spectrum which living beings, although they cannot see it, feel as heat. Full-spectrum, infrared energy includes three frequencies near (NIR), mid (MIR), and far (FAR) freq

What are red light frequencies and how are they different from infrared?

Red light is visible and is most effective for use on the surface of the skin. Red light occupies the end of the visible spectrum with wavelengths of 600nm-700nm. Infrared light is invisible, and as you increase the wavelength, from red to infrared,

What is the electromagnetic spectrum?

The electromagnetic spectrum is the totality of the sun’s energy as received on earth, including light, heat, and sound wave lengths.

What is electromagnetic frequency (EMF)?

Electromagnetic frequency, or EMF, is energy discharged by all alternating current (AC) electrical devices, wireless internet routers, 5G networks, bluetooth devices, RF devices, mobile phones, smart meters, many of our home appliances, and more. The

What is the difference between Far infrared heat and full spectrum infrared heat?

Far infrared is just one of three frequencies of the full infrared spectrum. Far is very important for improving circulation and metabolic function. It helps with deep tissue detoxification (especially with heavy metals detox) and improving oxygenati

What is the difference between Near InfraRed and Far infrared frequencies?

Near Infrared frequencies of sun energy also make an important contribution to natural healing. These specialized wavelengths help with skin surface to approximately 3cm deep penetration. They help with skin problems like psoriasis, atopic dermatitis

What are some of the benefits of full spectrum infrared heat?

Full-spectrum infrared has all the many benefits of each aspect of the natural healing from the individual wavelengths in the entire Infrared category; Near - Middle & FAR infrared. It is the synergistic effects of these wavelengths in concert that m

Why do most health professionals say is it good to have a sauna where your head pops out? (a sauna that doesn’t heat your head)

Your body can withstand more heat than the head (brain) can. The most effective way to initiate a natural immune response is by raising the body's core temperature (hyperthermia or fever). This is the body's front line defense against invading foreig

What causes pain?

Pain is one of the body's main signals that something is wrong. Often, pain is caused by inflammation. Inflammation is also tied to high levels of toxicity. Acute pain caused by an injury can be accompanied by swelling or edema, that can put addition

What is inflammation?

Inflammation is the body's response to a foreign invader or an imbalance in the body's internal chemistry. Inflammation can be either acute or chronic. It is a process by which the body's white blood cells and substances they produce protect us from

Is an infrared sauna safe to use if I have breast augmentation or other types of implants?

Yes, a sauna is safe to use with breast implants or augmentation.

Is a sauna safe if I have metal implants?

Most recent implants are not affected by the infrared. Metal pins, rods, artificial joints, or other implants made of metals and surgical steel generally reflect infrared waves and make infrared sauna use perfectly safe.

Is the sauna safe for children to use?

Many children use the Thera360 Plus Infrared sauna. Ask us for special instructions and protocols.