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Questions related to EquiLife Supplements and Protocols

I felt groggy the next morning after waking up. Could it be one of the supplements?

If you are taking Calming Magnesium, Sleep Help Support, or Melatonin, we recommend that you eliminate all of them for one night and then start back with just one at a time. For example, if you use the Calming Magnesium you will not use any of the o

I feel bloated while using the shake in the morning - what can I do?

Make sure you are only using 16 ounces of water and two scoops of the Daily Nutritional Support Powder. Also, be sure you are drinking this over a 60-minute time period. This is a hypoallergenic formula and adding any additional food or supplements t

Can I mix my nutritional supplements in food?

If you have difficulty swallowing nutritional supplements, you may mix them in some puréed food or a smoothie. Please do keep in mind that some herbs are very bitter and may be difficult to take outside of the capsule.

Can I take my additional supplements on top of what you recommend?

You can certainly continue any additional supplements you deem necessary. Please do continue on all medications you have been prescribed by your MD.

Should I complete an intestinal cleanse?

Approximately 4 to 6 weeks after beginning your protocol it is recommended that you do an Intestinal Cleanse. This allows you to support healthy gut function during the protocol. This is optional, but our wellness clients have seen great improvement

Is it okay to take other supplements during the Candida and Bacteria Overgrowth Protocol?

If you’ve been recommended other nutritional supplements by your functional medicine doctor or health practitioner, you may continue on with those. It is not recommended to take additional probiotics during this protocol.

What if I experience adverse reactions to the protocol?

If you experience an adverse reaction that may be due to a supplement, it is important to stop all supplements immediately. Please seek urgent medical attention if you are having a severe or life threatening allergy to any substance. If you are hav

Where can I find recipes?

We invite you to join our Facebook Group! See the following link to join: Please type into the search bar “recipe” to find over 70 Detox and CBO approved meals! If on the CBO Protocol – simply remove onions and garlic fr

Is the Daily Nutritional Support (DNS) Shake safe to use during pregnancy?

Yes, the Daily Nutritional Support powder is considered safe for use during pregnancy, but we do recommend checking with your medical provider prior to starting. We also recommend looking into the Prenatal Protocol (

Is the Daily Nutritional Support (DNS) Shake safe to use in children?

Yes, and with any supplement for children, we recommend checking with your child's medical provider prior to starting any new product.

Where do I find answers on the CBO Protocol?

Please go to