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Stress Mood Metabolism

Questions related to the Stress, Mood & Metabolism Test

What should I do prior to my saliva sample collection?

Prior to your saliva sample collection make sure you have all of your supplies and remain relaxed. Sometimes saliva collection is not as quick as you would think and it's important to have patience. You can pre-register your lab by scanning the QR co

What day should I collect my lab samples?

Men, Children, and Non-menstruating Women: Collect your sample at any time, on a normal stress day. Women:. Regular Cycles: Collect on day 19, 20, or 21 of the menstrual cycle (Day 1 = first day of your period). Irregular Cycles: If you know when you

What is the recommended timing for the collection of the 4 saliva samples?

We recommend collecting samples on a normal stress day - upon waking, 12:00 pm, 3:00-4:00 pm, and Before Bed

Is there anything I should avoid before collecting the saliva samples?

Do not eat, drink (except water), or brush teeth at least 2 hours prior to collections.

Can I take this lab if on hormone medications?

Yes, you can still do this lab if you take hormones. Please refer to the lab instructions (included in your kit) for specifics for those using hormones and note on your lab registration that you are taking hormones.

Can I take this test while pregnant?

You can take this test while pregnant, however, hormone levels change during pregnancy so these may not represent baseline hormone levels. We recommend waiting until after pregnancy and nursing to gather baseline hormone levels.

Are there any special precautions to take when collecting a blood spot test if on topical hormones?

Yes. Use care if you are applying hormones topically with your hands. Topical hormones can concentrate in the fingers when hormones are applied with the hands, resulting in false high results. It may take 12-24 hours for the hormones in the hands to

What if I cannot produce enough saliva for my samples?

Some tips for increasing saliva production: -Swish water around in mouth 5-minutes before collecting the sample. -Also, smell food or cut a lemon in half and sniff to produce more saliva.

How long are my saliva samples viable for?

Saliva samples are viable for up to 30 days. *We highly recommend sending your sample right away if possible to make sure the same reaches the lab with plenty of time. If you cannot send right away, we recommend freezing the saliva sample and making

Is this a video showing how to collect a saliva test?

How do I mail my sample back (US)?

Place all contents & forms back in the test kit box and then place in the return packaging provided (see instructions for specific packaging). Please register your lab by scanning the QR code and answering all questions before it's mailed back with t

How do I mail my sample back (International)?

You are responsible for arranging shipping and associated costs back to the lab. Please contact your local post office to find the most appropriate way to send internationally (tracking recommended). Before returning your sample, please register your