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Why don't my subscriptions count towards the free product promotions?Updated 2 years ago

Subscribers and customer satisfaction are very important to us at EquiLife. For that reason, we provide a 15% discount on subscriptions at the time of purchase. We also offer regular promotions on subscriptions where we offer even greater discounts. 

Most importantly, for subscribers only we have created Ayubowan, our new membership program and comprehensive app. Ayubowan offers exclusive perks including free labs, special savings and experiences worth more than $5,000 per year!

Also, candidly, as the highest quality functional medicine formula company, we simply cannot take 15% off our product price, provide all the benefits of Ayubowan and then also add another $30-$40 product for free as well. The math just does not work and we would not be able to stay in business, while also providing shipping for free for all orders over $99.

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