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How do I register my email?Updated 2 years ago

When you first register a lab, you will be prompted to sign in with the same email address you regularly use to shop on the store.

Select Email

If you've never shopped with us, use whatever email you'd like.  Keep in mind you will have to confirm this address, so use an email you have access to.

Input the email you use to shop at

If you've shopped with us before using that email, but never formally set up an account, you'll be prompted to confirm your email.

If you see this prompt, check your email

Activate your account

Go to your email inbox and look for an email from [email protected] with the subject "Customer account activation".

Click the "Activate your account" button found in that email.

Press the "Activate your account" button in your email

You'll be taken to the website to activate your account.  

Now input the password you'll use for your account going forward.

Set your account password

You'll be logged into your account and most likely taken to the homepage.

Log in to Labs Registration

Return instead to the labs registration page, which you hopefully still have open, and if not is most likely at

Now you're ready to press that blue button :-)

Now you can press the button to proceed

The instructional note about confirming your address will disappear, and you can press the "Continue" button on the same email input screen you saw before.

Continue with the email you just confirmed

You will be asked for your password. Use the password you just set at

Input the password you just created at

Your email should now be registered!

You're done! (with email registration)

If you were successful, the next screen you see will be the beginning of the labs registration information collection process, usually "Personal Information."

If you see this page, you completed connecting your account

You can now proceed to fill in the labs registration documentation.

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