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Omega Test FAQ

Questions related to the Omega-3 & Inflammation Test

What should I do prior to my blood spot sample collection?

Prior to your blood spot sample collection, make sure you have all of your supplies. Clean and dry the sample finger with the enclosed alcohol swab. Try to make sure you are relaxed and well hydrated prior to sample collection. You can pre-register y

Do I need to avoid anything prior to taking this sample?

No, you may continue eating and taking supplements as normal. Please just note if currently taking additional omega supplements so you can share with your health coach upon review of your results.

Can I take this test while pregnant?


What if I cannot get enough blood to fill all the spots on the card?

If more blood is needed, wipe am additional finger with an alcohol pad and use the additional lancet. You can massage the finger to assist with blood flow. Be sure to use the additional lancets provided as each lancet is for one-time use only.

Where can I find videos on how to collect a blood spot sample?

How do I mail my sample back (US)?

Place all contents & QR code in the envelope, attach a stamp and fill out your return address, then simply place in the mail in the postage-paid envelope. Please register your lab by scanning the QR code and answering all questions before it's mailed

How do I mail my sample back (International)?

You are responsible for arranging shipping and associated costs back to the lab. Please contact your local post office to find the most appropriate way to send internationally, tracking is recommended. Sample should reach the lab within 21 days of co