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What if a customer forgets to use my unique tracking link?Updated a year ago

Please note that your unique tracking link is the only way we can track your sales. If someone forgets to use your link, we will do our best to credit your account, but we cannot guarantee the ability to do so. Any retroactive orders added back to your Impact account will be capped at a 90 day lookback period. So if a missed order occurred greater than 90 days ago, it will not be eligible to be added back. 

Additionally, please note that your link tracks customers for 30 days. So once somebody clicks on your link, you will receive credit for anything they purchase up to 30 days after they initially clicked. 

For subscription orders, if your INITIAL subscription order tracked successfully to your Impact account, all recurring subscription orders associated with the initial order will be tracked to you automatically in perpetuity (i.e. lifetime commissions on subscriptions). 

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