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How do I mail my sample back (International)?Updated 2 years ago

Ship specimens Monday through Friday. If you complete the collection on the weekend, hold the specimen until the following Monday to ship. Place the cardboard kit box containing the specimens and the completed test requisition form into the FedEx Clinical Pack. Write your name and address in the space provided on the Air Waybill and sign at the bottom. Tear off the shipper copy for your records. Fill out the shaded areas of the commercial invoice and sign it at the bottom. Put the waybill and the commercial invoice in the adhesive pouch and affix to the Clinical Pack in the space provided. 

Call FedEx and request a pickup for a shipment using an Air Waybill and give your address, or you may use a FedEx drop-off facility.

 Do not use a drop box. FedEx will not accept specimens placed into a drop box Shipping 


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