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How do I mail my sample back (US)?Updated a year ago

1. After the 3-8 hours of drying time, place the DBS card into the zip-lock bag with desiccant pack and seal.

2. Keep away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Keep packaged DBS card cool and dry until transported to the lab. Avoid leaving sample in direct sunlight, as this will deteriorate the sample.

3. Place the zip lock bag in the prepaid UPS Medical Envelope. Place the orange card, containing the QR code into the UPS Medical Envelope and seal using the adhesive strip.

** NOTE: Your lab must be registered using the QR code before it's sent back with the sample.

4. For best results, samples should be taken to your local UPS location (preferably toward end of the day). To find your closest UPS Store location and hours visit Alternatively, you may call for a UPS pickup at 1 (800) 742-5877 and advise them you need to schedule a pick-up using a return label. Do not put kit(s) in a UPS drop box.

5. Please take note of the shipping/tracking number if you would like to track the package.

6. PLEASE DO NOT ISSUE DIRECT PAYMENT TO UPS for the shipment. If UPS attempts to bill you for shipping costs, please contact our staff for assistance at 913-341-8949. The Great Plains Laboratory is unable to reimburse shipping charges in cases where UPS is paid directly.

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