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How long will it take to receive a payout on the commission I earn?Updated a year ago

The Payout Schedule within Impact can be a bit hard to follow at times, but is actually quite simple once you are familiar with the process all orders need to go through before they are ready to be paid out to you. 

  • Firstly, all orders are processed by calendar month, meaning an order on the 1st of the month will process at the same rate as an order on the 31st of the same month. All orders need to first be tracked (which means that they are appearing in your Impact account once the order is placed). 

  • Then, orders will need to be “locked” or “approved” which means they have until the end of the NEXT month after they’ve been tracked before they are locked in and cannot be altered. This is to protect EquiLife against returns on orders and allows us to make any adjustments to orders, if necessary. 

  • Lastly, the orders will then need to wait 15 days from when they are “locked” or “approved” until they payout to the Ambassador. So that will occur 15 days after the END of the month AFTER the orders are tracked. 

If this is too difficult to understand, it’s often much easier to see an example of how the payout progresses through the process. This is laid out accordingly below: 

  • Orders Tracked in December → Approved or Locked at midnight 2/1 → Paid Out Around 2/15 

  • Orders Tracked in January → Approved or Locked at midnight 3/1 → Paid Out Around 3/15 

  • Orders Tracked in February → Approved or Locked at midnight 4/1 → Paid Out Around 4/15 

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