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How do I return a lab if I live outside of the US?Updated 7 months ago

To ensure that your lab is shipped correctly from outside of the US, please follow these instructions.                        

Due to each country having its own guidelines, it is best for all international clients to coordinate their own shipping and associated shipping costs when returning samples to the laboratory that is evaluating your lab test. As you will see below, each individual lab test is listed with the correct shipping address. 

Also, please note, if a USA domestic shipping label for the lab was included in the lab box, please discard and do not use that label. 

We recommend sending samples via 2nd day air using UPS or FedEx or choosing your country’s best shipping method to return the samples to the lab address as listed below. 

For The Following Tests:

  • Candida Metabolic & Vitamins Test – Urine Test
  • Environmental Toxicity Test – Urine Test
  • Food Sensitivity Test -Blood Spot Test
  • Mold Toxicity Test – Urine Test 

Specific Test Guidelines for These Tests:

  • Urine Test samples: you must FREEZE urine samples to maintain the integrity of the sample. Samples must reach the lab within 5 days of sending. We recommend priority 2-day shipping on a Monday or Tuesday to ensure that the sample arrives to the lab on a weekday to be processed (the lab does not access packages on weekend). 
  • Blood Spot samples: are viable for 21 days, after that period samples will be discarded, and recollection will be required.

Shipping Address:

Mosaic Labs/Great Plains Laboratory

9221 Quivira Rd.

Overland Park, KS 66215 USA

For The Following Tests:

  • Adrenal Cortisol Stress Test - Saliva
  • Bedtime Cortisol Test - Saliva
  • DHEA Test - Saliva
  • Estrogen & Progesterone Test - Saliva
  • Estrogen Test - Saliva
  • Men’s Wellness Test - Saliva
  • Mind & Mood Neurotransmitter Test - Urine Strip
  • Progesterone Test - Saliva
  • Prostate Health Test – Blood Spot Test
  • Sleep & Stress Test - Urine Strip
  • Stress, Mood & Metabolism Test - Blood Spot Test & Saliva
  • Testosterone & DHEA Test - Saliva
  • Testosterone Test - Saliva
  • Thyroid Panel Test – Blood Spot Test
  • Thyroid TSH Test – Blood Spot Test
  • Toxic Heavy Metals Test – Blood Spot Test
  • Vitamin D Test -     Blood Spot Test
  • Women's Fertility Test - Saliva
  • Women’s Wellness Test - Blood Spot Test & Saliva

Specific Test Guidelines for These Tests:

  • Saliva samples must reach the lab within 30 days if not frozen, if frozen will last longer. 
  • Dried Urine Strip samples must reach the lab within 30 days 
  • Blood Spot samples much reach the lab within 45 days 

Shipping Address:

ZRT Laboratory

8605 SW Creekside Place 

Beaverton, OR 97008 

For The Following Tests:

  • Inflammation Test – Blood Spot Test
  • Omega-3 & Inflammation Test – Blood Spot Test

Specific Test Guidelines for These Tests:

  • Blood Spot samples much reach the lab within 45 days 

Shipping Address: 

Lipid Technologies, LLC 

PO Box 216

Austin, MN 55912 

If you cannot send to a PO Box, please use the following address:                          
Doug Bibus, 1600 19th Ave SW Austin MN 55912   

For The Following Test:

  • Hair Tissue Mineral & Metals Test – Hair

Specific Test Guidelines for This Test:

Please follow the very specific guidelines that come inside your lab test kit.

Shipping Address:

Analytical Research Labs, Inc. 

2225 W. Alice Avenue 

Phoenix, AZ 85021 

If you have any further questions or issues related to shipping or delivery , please email: [email protected].

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