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Are there any special precautions to take when collecting a blood spot test if on topical hormones? Updated 2 years ago

Yes. Use care if you are applying hormones topically with your hands. Topical hormones can concentrate in the fingers when hormones are applied with the hands, resulting in false high results. It may take 12-24 hours for the hormones in the hands to equilibrate with other tissues in the body. Therefore, when using topical hormones, rub them in without using fingers (e.g. wrist to wrist) for at least 2 days prior to collection or apply hormones using latex free gloves . Change sheets, pillow cases and hand towels the night before collecting. Avoid touching bathroom surfaces which may be contaminated with traces of hormones. Refrain from using anti-aging creams that may contain hormone traces for 3 days prior to collection. It is important to continue to use the hormones as usual during this time; just avoid hand exposure. Also, make sure any night dosage is applied at least 12 hours before planned morning collection. For additional information on collection when using hormones, see the Blood Spot Testing Collection Instructions in your test kit.
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