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Where do I find my Wellness Plan?Updated a year ago

After your coaching call, you can find your assigned Wellness Plan by going to the Coach section and then the Results Tab. 

You can then click on the date to view the details of your plan. Here is where you toggle on and off the specific supplements assigned to you based on the guidance provided by your Health Coach. The supplements must be shown toggled on (green switch) to populate in the My Day and Shop sections.

Once you toggle on a certain part of your Wellness Plan, the specific instructions for each supplement will populate in the My Day section of your App as shown below. Here, you can cross off each supplement as you take them throughout the day.

Additionally, each part of the Wellness Plan that is toggled on will populate in the Shop section of the App. This allows you to seamlessly purchase the items you need for your Wellness Plan! You can purchase them all at once by turning on every switch, or just buy them as you need while progressing through the plan!

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