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I cannot log in, what do I do?Updated a year ago

If you are having issues logging into the Ayubowan by EquiLife, here are a few steps to try:

1. Ensure you have a compatible Operating System

  • For iPhone and iPod Touch users - Version 13.0 or higher
  • For Android users - Version 7.0 and higher

Note: We recommend always having the most up to date version of the operating system to ensure the best and most secure experience.

2. Ensure you have the latest App Version

  • Check the App Store (iPhone) or the Play Store (Android) for available updates

Note: We recommend turning on automatic App updates to ensure you're getting the security updates and bug fixes

3. Ensure your username and password are correct

  • The App uses the same email and password used on our website
  • If you can log onto the site, but not the App, reset your password and try again

4. Ensure you have a fully activated EquiLife Account 

  • You can purchase items from our website, but not have a fully activated account if you use PayPal or other fast payment methods.
  • To create a password and activate your account, fill out this short form and then sign into the App using the same email and password.
  • If you are unsure if your account is activated, email [email protected]

Please notify EquiLife customer support by using the chat function on this page or by emailing [email protected], if the above steps do not resolve your login issue.

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