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I'm having issues connecting my audio and video for my call - what should I do?Updated 2 months ago

There are two common reasons when Video / Audio might not work on your computer or mobile device when joining a coaching call.

1.  When you set-up your web browser, you may have been asked to grant permission for the browser to use the camera and microphone on your device.  Unless you were contemplating a video call at the time, you may have declined for privacy or other reasons.  Your browser settings usually include camera and mic settings that may work for all websites or be set on a website-by-website basis.  Be sure to "Allow" camera and mic use on EquiLife websites for the easiest experience, or "Ask" if you want your browser to ask your permission before each call.  If you do not see that request as your call is starting, you may need to leave the call, return to settings, select "Allow" and then rejoin the call with the new settings.  Some browsers may need to restart when these settings are changed so please leave a little extra time if you plan to change settings right before a call.

On a Mac Device, within chrome - please follow these steps to check your mic and video settings:

1. Go to Chrome - Settings:

2. Click "Privacy and Security" on the left hand panel, and look for "Site Settings"

3. If settings are enabled, it will appear as what is shown below. If it does not, select "Camera" to view specific settings, and then also "Microphone".

4. Within both the "Camera" and "Microphone" settings, access should be turned on as shown below:

2. If your browser permissions are set properly, the next likely culprit: some other application has control of the camera or mic and won't let the browser use it.  Applications like Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp, Telegram, TicTok. Instagram, SnapChat, Google Chat, Apple Messages, Microsoft Teams, Facebook Video chat and countless others offer you the ability to video chat with other people, record videos and send them to other people, and/or post videos online.  When you use those applications, if they remain open in the background, they may not relinquish control of your mic or camera when you and your browser need it.  Close those applications before starting your video call.  If you aren't sure which apps family members may use that could conflict, a simple restart should do the trick,

3. If you use an external camera and/or mic, check that the connections are tight between the device and the computer and that the device has power.  Again, restarting never hurts once you confirm everything is plugged in properly as accessories that lose connection may not automatically reconnect with your device without it.

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