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If I have multiple family members in a household, including children under 18, and want them each to receive a lab, what is the best route to hold their membership?Updated a year ago

Each family member requires a separate Equi.Life account to log into the Ayubowan App for lab review calls.

For parent's with gmail accounts, they can easily create new log-in credentials that link up to their existing account. Here is an example of how to do that:

[email protected] - example parent email

[email protected] - example email for child 1

[email protected] - example email for child 2

By adding the "+text" between the original email address and the, the App registers it as a different account, however Google see it as the same address.

This is an easy way to have all children's accounts managed by the parents, with easily identifiable accounts for each child.

Note: This 'trick' only works for gmail accounts

Here are some free email options to choose from:

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