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Fatlossity™ FAQ

Frequently asked questions related to the Fatlossity Protocol

How much weight will I lose with Fatlossity™?

Although we can't state exactly how much weight a person will lose by using the Fatlossity™ System we can assure you that the Fatlossity™ DAY & NIGHT nutritional supplements are the most cutting edge formulas in the world. The Fatlossity™ System also

Is Fatlossity™ guaranteed to work?

The Fatlossity™ DAY & NIGHT formula are backed by 25 scientific research studies demonstrating the effectiveness of these specific ingredients. To date, we know of no other formulation that has been created to burn fat 24 hours a day. And, we are so

Can I use Fatlossity™ with my current exercise program?

Yes you may use Fatlossity™ DAY & NIGHT formulas with your current exercise program unless you are under the direct care of medically supervised program and in that case please check with your physician.

How long should I use the Fatlossity™ formulas?

The human body changes over its red blood cells approximately every 120 days. It also takes about 12-16 weeks to begin to rebalance many hormonal issues. Although you will see results within just weeks of using the Fatlossity™ System we do recommend

Can you use Fatlossity™ while pregnant?

No. Please don't use Fatlossity™ if you are pregnant, nursing or trying to get pregnant.

Can you use Fatlossity™ with children?

We don't recommend Fatlossity™ for people under the age of 18.

Can you use Fatlossity™ with the Parasite Protocol?

Yes, you may use Fatlossity™ along with the Parasite Protocol.

Does Fatlossity™ include a meal plan?

Yes it does.

Where can I find Fatlossity™ approved recipes?

Go to our Dr. Cabral Detox Facebook Group and search, "recipes."

Do you offer support for Fatlossity™?

Yes! Please go to for more information about Fatlossity™.

Is Fatlossity™ recommended if you don't have any weight to lose, but simply want to maintain your current weight?

You may use the Fatlossity™ formulas for the Daytime energizing properties and the Evening calming benefits. You may simply need to increase caloric consumption if you start to lose more weight than desired.

Can I get access to the Fatlossity™ System without purchasing the product?

No you cannot. The Fatlossity™ System was created to provide additional materials for those making a purchase of Fatlossity™ DAY & NIGHT .

Would it be okay to do Fatlossity™ and the Candida & Bacterial Optimizer (CBO) Protocol at the same time?

Yes, you may take Fatlossity™ along with the Candida & Bacterial Optimizer (CBO) Protocol.

Should I start the Detox before or after starting Fatlossity™? Or, at the same time?

It's ideal to start with a 7/14/21 day Dr. Cabral Detox and then progress into Fatlossity. We also recommend a Detox every 12 weeks going forward, whether you are on or off Fatlossity™.

Should I take Fatlossity™ with a meal?

Yes. We recommend taking your Day capsules with breakfast and your Night capsules with dinner.

If I take Fatlossity™ NIGHT too early will it make me tired?

Since it is not a direct sleeping aid, but instead meant to calm the nervous system, it should not make you too tired. However, you can always start at one capsule to test. And, if needed Fatlossity™ NIGHT could be taken closer to bed if desired.

Will Fatlossity™ increase my hunger?

Fatlossity™ actually works as an appetite suppressant due to the Thermogenic effect.

Are there any contraindications with someone who has one or more of the following: lupus, hashimotos, thyroiditis?

Since a disease is being mentioned here, anyone asking about the safety with a specific diagnosis we (and any IHP coach) needs to recommend they ask their doctor if they can use these products.

Can those trying Fatlossity™ use the Daily Nutritional Support (DNS) for morning shakes?

Yes. For all protocols the Daily Nutritional Support is recommended.

Why does the Fatlossity™ DAY formula include caffeine?

The Fatlossity™ DAY formula includes the amount of pure caffeine contained in 2 green teas or 1 small coffee. Since caffeine is a clinically demonstrated ingredient used to burn body fat as a thermogenic nutrient we included it. However, we also adde

Can I still drink coffee or tea?

Most people can include up to 300mg of caffeine before 1:00pm in their diet. The Fatlossity™ DAY formula contains the amount of pure caffeine contained in 2 green teas or 1 small coffee (140mg). This means you could potentially still have 1 small cup

Would it be okay to do Fatlossity™ and Foundational Protocol Level 1, 2 or 3 at the same time?

Fatlossity™ is a standalone product and should be taken with our Daily Nutritional Support (DNS) or activated multivitamin.

Would it be okay to do Fatlossity™ and all the other supplements I currently take too?

Fatlossity™ can be used with any other EquiLife product or protocol but we cannot make any suggestions for other brands since it is best that they ask their healthcare practitioner who recommended them.

What is the difference is between Fatlossity™ and the other protocols we offer?

Fatlossity™ is a groundbreaking DAY & NIGHT fat burning system that has been clinically formulated to boost your metabolism for a full 24 hours of fat burning results. This powerful system combines Ayurvedic herbs with scientifically demonstrated wei

Do the Day + Night supplements interfere with birth control + birth control effectiveness at all?

Please check with your medical health care practitioner to see if there are any contraindications or drug interactions.

Can I do Fatlossity™ with a diagnosed disease or while on medication?

Please check with your medical health care practitioner to see if there are any contraindications or drug interactions.

How long to people need to be on Phase 2 or when do you start introducing starches and grains?

Phase two lasts for at least 21 Days. Starches like sweet potatoes can be introduced in Phase 3 starting with lunch first. After root vegetable starches seem to be working fine with your body you may try some grains like rice or oats.

If people were to introduce fruit before the 21 days were up, would they still lose weight? What would be the consequences of introducing fruit too early or what is the main reason for not having fruit for three weeks?

We remove fruit and starches for the first 21 days to help balance healthy levels of blood sugar levels and allow the body to tap into more fat stores, then systematically reintroduce fruit and starches back in slowly. Some individuals may not lose w

After people have reached their goal weight do they stay on Fatlossity™? Does Fatlossity™ actually help change/heal your metabolism so that it is faster or do you have to keep taking it for the rest of your life to get the benefits?

The goal of the Fatlossity™ System is to rebalance the underlying issues keeping the metabolism from increasing. With the help of the Fatlossity™ nutrition plan, exercise, sleep, Fatlossity™ supplements, and other lifestyle changes we should be able