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Ayubowan App Nutrition Section

Questions related to the Nutrition section within the Ayubowan App

What's the best way to utilize the Nutrition section and meal plans?

To see Dr. Cabral walk through how to best utilize all of the benefits of the Nutrition section of Ayubowan, including meal planning, recipe swapping, shopping list creation, and restaurant searches, please watch the video below:.

How do I switch diet plans?

If you are starting a Detox or the CBO protocol, you can change the Program in your Ayubowan App to support your goals and automatically provide compliant recipes!. The Ayubowan App has the following programs to choose from:. To switch your diet plan

How do I customize my Meal Plan?

To swap a recipe from your meal plan:

How do I add a recipe to my favorites?

Either from the Recipes section or Meal Plan section, click the recipe you want to favorite. Then, at the top right of the screen click the 'heart' icon as shown to favorite the recipe. Now, any recipe with the 'heart' icon selected, will appear at t

How do I log Daily Nutritional Support Shakes during detoxes or fasting days?

To learn how to add our Daily Nutritional Support Shakes to your meal plans, please watch this short video:.

What are the circled numbers shown on each recipe in the App?

Each recipe has an adherence rating to help you choose options that match your current health goals and protocols.

How do I change my food preferences?

To adjust your food preferences go to your settings and select Food Preferences. You can turn on or off a preference by clicking the toggle to the right of each option.

How do I create a shopping list?

Select the ‘Nutrition’ tab at the bottom of your screen. Search for recipes matching your diet plans and click the ‘Add to Shopping List’ button within each recipe. Once added, the button changes to ‘View Shopping Cart’, select it. From there you can

How do I log my meals?

Within each recipe there is a button titled ‘Log this Recipe’ at the bottom of the screen. Click the button and then select the servings, meal, time of day and select ‘Save’.

I noticed an error with a recipe or food with wrong ingredients or nutritional facts, what do I do?

Within the recipe scroll to the bottom, select the “report” button and follow the prompts.

I’m going out to eat at a restaurant, how do I log my meal?

Select the ‘Nutrition’ tab at the bottom of your screen and then select ‘Restaurants’ at the top right. Search for the restaurant you’re going to, select it, and then search within the menu. You can then add items the same way as you do recipes.

I’m going out to eat but the restaurant isn’t in Ayubowan, what do I do?

We recommend selecting a similar restaurant that is in Ayubowan and selecting a similar meal. Also, we would love to know which restaurant is missing by going here and submitting your feedback here