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Questions regarding the "Coach" section of the Ayubowan App


How do I schedule a lab review call?

To schedule your coaching call:.

How do I know if I have any coaching credits to use?

Select the ‘Coach’ toggle at the bottom of the screen in Ayubowan and then select “Appointments” at the top right. If you have credits they will appear within the “upcoming” appointments tab, otherwise you will have a button to purchase credits with

How do I conduct the lab review call?

Please click on the "Join Call" button a few minutes before the time of your scheduled Coaching Call within the App. The room will appear empty if you join before the coach, however your coach will join you shortly!. Prior to your Health Coaching cal

How do I access my results?

Select the ‘Coach’ toggle at the bottom of the screen in Ayubowan and then select “Results” at the top left of your screen. To view your results, click the View Report button. If you have multiple results to view, scroll to the right on the top half

Where do I find my Wellness Plan?

After your coaching call, you can find your assigned Wellness Plan by going to the Coach section and then the Results Tab. You can then click on the date to view the details of your plan. Here is where you toggle on and off the specific supplements a

How do I download my lab results and move to a Desktop for easier viewing?

For iphone users:. Upon clicking the "View Report" button the lab will open on your screen. Click the download button in the upper right hand corner as shown below:. Clicking the Download button opens up additional options for sharing the file, inclu

When will my lab results be posted?

Results will automatically be delivered to your account the morning of your appointment time. The reason, you ask? There is often a significant amount of confusion that can come from providing client's their lab results without an explanatory convers

How do I contact my health coach?

Before a scheduled call, email [email protected] with your questions. After your call, in the App select the ‘Coach’ toggle at the bottom of the screen and then select “Messages” at the top center of your screen. This is where your coach will prov

Do I need a Smart Phone to access my Lab Review Calls?

Clients will need to be able to download the Ayubowan app in the App Store (Apple) or Google Play store (Android) in order to access lab reports securely and review these labs with a Health Coach. This allows information to be shared securely.

How do I get set up for my child's lab review call?

To receive your child's lab results and schedule their lab review call, a separate account, using a different email from your own, must be created. The account must be owned and managed by the parent.

How do I complete the Docu-Sign Registration Forms?

For labs that were submitted prior to our new Labs Registration Process, we have a Docu-Sign form set up for clients who did not register using our old EHC system. If you fall into the above category, you will need to successfully sign these forms be

How do I reschedule my appointment?

To reschedule your appointment with your health coach within the Ayubowan App:. If your appointment is more than 24 hours from the scheduled date and time:. If your appointment is less than 24 hours from the scheduled date and time: